Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1 - 01-07-2009

Description: Concept: 'Pavitra Rishta' is the story of a girl named Archana who belongs to a middle class family. Archana is the eldest of three daughters of the Karanjakar family. Archanas mother Sulochana loves her very much and wants to get her married but many guys reject Archana because of the only reason of she being uneducated. Synopsis: Karanjkar family lives a middle class lifestyle in Mumbai. Archana is the eldest among the three daughters and is very simple and modest. While the other two sisters Varsha and Vaishali are extremely boisterous. Archana wholly takes care of all her household chores. Her entire family loves her very much. Archanas mother Sulochana loves her the most and her only wish is to get Archana married to a well educated guy from a well to do family. The Karanjkar family is all geared up as a guy comes to meet Archana with a marriage proposal. But the guy and his family reject Archana as they come to know that she has studied only till the eighth class. Sulochana tells the guy and his family about Archanas good character and her numerous qualities and tries in vain to make them understand. Sulochana and Archana break down as the guy rejects Archana because of her lack of education. From episode 12 Archanas father is played by Kishor Mahabole.
Duration: 00:34:41
Uploaded: 2012 Oct 01
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