Punarvivaah - Episode 288 - March 29, 2013

Description: In the March 29 Episode of Punar vivaah, Radha tries to commit suicide but Yash and his family manages to reach on time and save her life. Aarti and Yash decide to urge Suraj Pratap to marry Radha. Aarti and Yash cherish their time together by playing Holi. Ishita mentions Suraj Pratap about a dream she had of Gayatri who urges Ishita to take care of her Mangalsutra. Suraj Pratap celebrates Holi with his grandchildren. Yash tries to put forth his request of asking Suraj Pratap to remarry. Watch latest "Punarvivaah" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com
Duration: 00:20:30
Uploaded: 2013 Mar 29
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