Punarvivaah - Episode 307 - April 25, 2013

Description: In the April 25 Episode of Punar vivaah, Paridhi feels hurt, after Maya stops her from giving her blessings to Yash and Aarti's baby. Aarti however, convinces Paridhi to keep her hopes alive of having a baby in future. She further urges her to give her blessings to the baby. Ishita hires a female to kidnap the baby from the celebration. The celebration begins and the female successfully kidnaps the baby. The Scindias get stunned, after finding the baby missing. The female on the other hand, changes her mind, because of her concern for the baby and his parents. She hence, places the baby in his room and do not reveal Ishita's name on asking. Ishita orders her to leave from the city. Watch latest "Punarvivaah" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com
Duration: 00:20:55
Uploaded: 2013 Apr 25
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