Punarvivaah - Watch Full Episode 157 of 25th September 2012

Description: In the September 25 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti gets apprehensive when Yash questions her why she was visiting the gynecologist. Aarti smartly handles the situation. Both, Prateik and Paridhi are upset about the argument, which they had on the previous day. Yash asks Prateik if he had noticed a change in Aarti's behaviour. Aarti goes along with Shobha to the gynecologist's clinic. The gynaecologist informs Aarti that there was a risk in her pregnancy. She suggests Aarti to terminate her pregnancy. Aarti refuses to terminate her pregnancy. The gynaecologist tells Aarti that she wants to meet Yash and talk to him about the risk in the pregnancy. Later, Shobha tries to convince Aarti to abort her unborn child. Watch latest "Punarvivaah" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com
Duration: 00:20:43
Uploaded: 2012 Sep 25
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