Punarvivah - Episode 23

Description: Yash gets angry at Pratik as he did not go to the airport to receive some important guests. Pratik pleads innocence and states that he was misinformed about the flight timings. Yash, however, does not believe Pratik. He believes that Pratik had purposely avoided going to the airport. Yash decides to rush to the airport. Pankaj intervenes and offers to go to the airport and get the guests to the venue before the haldi ceremony. At the venue, Aarti and Paridi's family get ready to start the haldi ceremony. One of the guests asks Yash's aunt to apply haldi to the brides. The aunt, taunts Aarti by saying that she was a widow and therefore was not permitted to perform the rituals. Vidhi intervenes and informs the families that they must first apply haldi to the grooms. Shobha fears that Aarti would have rejected the proposal had Yash's aunt taunted her, hadn't she knew that they have told the Scindia family that Aarti was a widow and not a divorcee. It is revealed that the important guests whom Yash had asked Pratik to receive were none other than Arpita's parents. Payal and Palak get happy when they see their maternal grandparents. During the haldi ceremony, Aarti gets surprised when Arpita's mother gifts her bangles, which belonged to Arpita. Aarti is further surprised when she addresses her as Arpita. She states that Aarti was supposed to take the position of her daughter and so she would be addressed her as Arpita in the future. Yash is shocked when Pratik informs him that as per the customs the family would change Aarti's name to Arpita. Yash, however, does not believe in such customs and refuses to change Aarti's name. Yash recollects the moments spend with Arpita. He vows neither to share Arpita's name nor belongings with Aarti. Aarti gets furious as the Scindia family had decided to change her name without her consent. She tells Shobha that she would not allow the family to so. Yash, on the other hand, argues with parents and refuses to accept the custom of changing Aarti's name. He states that just by changing Aarti's name to Arpita, she would never be able to take Arpita's position in his life.
Duration: 00:21:25
Uploaded: 2012 Sep 29
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