Punarvivah - Episode 24

Description: Aarti, on the other hand, refuses to change her name to Arpita after marriage. She tries to convince Shobha and Satyendra that just by changing her name she would never be able to take over Arpita's position in Yash's life. She argues that she her own identity would be lost in the bargain. Yash refuses to accept his parents-in-laws' decision as he does not want to share Arpita's identity with anyone else. Yash's mother-in-law continues to convince Yash. She states that the following day after his marriage, Yash had to share Arpita's belongings with Aarti. She adds that Yash has to accept Aarti as his wife. Shobha agrees with Aarti and supports her. She tells Aarti not to accept Scindia family's decision against her wish. Shobha also assures to convince Gayatri to change their decision. Gayatri is relieved as Yash has agreed to change Aarti's name to Arpita. At that time, Shobha arrives along with Aarti. Shobha requests Gayatri not to change Aarti's name. Surajpratap intervenes and refuses to accept Shobha's requests. He informs Shobha that it was their custom to change the name of the brides. Shobha tries to convince the couple but fails. Pankaj and Pratik find Yash tensed. The duo not only tries to pacify Yash but also tries to convince him to accept Aarti as his wife. When Yash cheers up, Pratik informs Yash about his bachelor's party and requests him to attend it. Paridi gets furious on learning about Pratik's bachelor's party and that some female dancers were invited to perform. Paridi is surprised on learning that Yash has decided to attend the party. To cancel the bachelor's party, Paridi complains to Aarti about it. Paridi also informs Aarti about the female dancers, who were invited for the party.
Duration: 00:21:49
Uploaded: 2012 Sep 29
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