Punarvivah - Episode 26

Description: Yash's aunt enters the room and tries her best to instigate Yash against Aarti. She advices Yash to take every step cautiously as she believes that Aarti may replace Arpita. Yash asserts that Aarti would never be able to take Arpita's position. Aarti shares her worries with Shobha regarding her marriage with Yash. She states that she was not comfortable with Yash. Shobha believes Aarti was uncomfortable about the fact that Yash may claim his right as her husband. Shobha tries to make Aarti understand that she must forget her past and accept her future. Aarti replies that she cannot forget the memorable moments which she spent with Prashant. She emphasizes that she would always remember that she married Yash only for Ansh's sake. Shobha and Aarti are left shocked when Gayatri announces that Arpita's parents would conduct Aarti's kanyadaan. Aarti tries to protest, however Gayatri ignores Aarti's statement. Before leaving from the room, Gayatri states that Yash's father had decided that Arpita's parents would conduct Aarti's kanyadaan. She adds that Yash's father's decision was final and everyone had to accept it. Aarti makes Shobha realize her duties towards her and asks her to fight for her rights. Shobha decides to speak up for her rights. Aarti goes to Arpita's mother's room and requests her to allow Shobha and Satyendra to perform her kanyadaan. Gayatri tells Yash's father that Arpita's mother would perform Aarti's kanyadaan. Just then Arpita's mother and Aarti enter in the room. Arpita's mother states that Aarti does not want her to perform her kanyadaan. Gayatri and Yash's father are left surprised to hear it.
Duration: 00:20:45
Uploaded: 2012 Sep 29
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