Punarvivah - Episode 38

Description: Aarti is worried about Yash's intentions behind getting married to her. A romantic song is being played in Yash's room. While trying to find out from where the song was played, Yash finds letter which has a romantic message written on it. Yash realizes that it was Pratik's handwriting and therefore understands his plan. Aarti gets furious when she sees a packet of condoms on a table and once again misunderstands Yash. Yash too notices the packet and fears that Aarti may misunderstand him. He gets irritated when he also finds a flimsy night gown kept for Aarti on the table. A furious Yash summons Pratik to his room. When Pratik arrives, Yash confronts him for trying to create a romantic atmosphere in his room. Yash reveals that he had not married Aarti for his physical needs but for Pratik's happiness. Pratik had vowed that he would not marry until Yash agrees to get remarried. Yash further confesses that he would never be able to forget Arpita. Yash adds that he had also agreed to remarry as his daughters' would need a mother when they grow up. Aarti gets surprised on learning Yash's intentions. Yash requests Aarti to take care of his daughters and asserts that he does not expect anything else from her. Pratik apologizes to Yash for hurting his feelings. He also apologizes to Aarti. Aarti feels guilty of doubting Yash and decides to apologize to him.
Duration: 00:23:17
Uploaded: 2012 Sep 29
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