SLIPKNOT - Duality - Drum Cover

Description: Ever so requested! I tried to restrain and keep it similar to the album. Just added a few things here n there. get outtakes, drum only videos, mp3 downloads and more @ Watch some more: SLIPKNOT: PANTERA: METALLICA: MEDLEYS: SOAD: 2013: 2014: 2015: DRUMS ONLY: KORN: IRON MAIDEN: SLAYER: ANNIHILATOR: FAVORITES: DREAM THEATER: MR. BUNGLE: A7X: MORBID ANGEL: HAVOK: ...and more! All videos are meticulously sorted by playlist - either by band, year uploaded, or drums only for easy navigation through the hundreds of videos made throughout the years. Drumset: Taye Pro X 8x8 tom 10x8 tom 12x8 tom 16x16 floor tom 20x18 bass drum 14x5 Pearl Vision Birch snare Cymbals: 3-16" Wuhan crashes 1-10" Wuhan splash 1-8" Wuhan splash 18" Wuhan china 13" Zildjian dynobeat hi-hats (K and Z series) 14" Sabian b8pro hi-hats 16" Wuhan china 20" Zildjian ping ride Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell Pearl Eliminator PowerShifter double bass pedal Gibraltar click pad Remo Emperors on toms Remo Powerstroke 3 on kick FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @steffen_josh Download the full length album of my previous band, MONGO SEVEN: Download my drum tracks: COVERS=SHIT - THRASH TRACKS ON DRUMS - Buy my DRUM THIEF Merch! Shirts, Hats, Cups, Mugs, Phone Cases, etc: Thank you all for the support. You all fucking rule. Feel free to contribute a few bucks to improve my videos and maintain gear:
Duration: 00:04:18
Uploaded: 2016 May 06
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